كلام عن الأم مؤثر

Talk about the mother is influential, as the mother is the most important person in human life, so in her hands is the comfort of the world and the hereafter, and under her feet is a paradise of bliss that each of us dreams of reaching through his righteousness to his parents, especially the mother, whom we are keen on her satisfaction, so in this article we provide the most beautiful words, phrases and poetry about Beloved mother, in addition to the most beautiful images and backgrounds suitable for all social networking sites.

Powerful words about mother

Many of us are looking for the most beautiful words that can be sent to the mother, as an expression of her love, attachment and respect.

  • Lord, do not deprive me of my mother, and protect her for me from all evil, for I cannot imagine that I live a day without seeing her beautiful face and hearing her tender voice.
  • My mother is my friend, my sister, my lover, my life companion, and the well of my secrets that I do not reveal to anyone but my mother, for she is the comfort of my heart and the comfort of my soul.
  • When I hear my mother’s voice, I thank God for his great bounty that she is still illuminating my life, and her presence makes my days happy, and I pray to God to extend her life because in her presence is all good and blessings.
  • Oh God, grant my mother Jannah the number of what she tired and stayed up late and made clear, for she spent her life and health in order to bring us to safety. Lord, make it in the balance of her good deeds.

Touching words about mother

A collection of the most beautiful and touching words about the dear mother, which many of us are keen to express his love for his mother through.

  • My mother was and still amazes me, she is a creative person, and her creativity lies in her kindness, sweet smile, and tolerance. Her simplicity is what makes her in my view the greatest women in the world.
  • When worries crowded in my heart, and life’s difficulties increased, I don’t think of you in those times but you, my mother, when you wipe your pure hand on my head, my pain dissipates, and my sorrows fade away.
  • My mother, that tender, warm, tender heart, and that pure and kind soul, I cannot find words to express my love and gratitude to you, the most precious person to my heart and the closest soul to my soul.
  • The beauty of the world I see in my mother’s eyes, she is the first thing my eyes saw as a child and the first to feel her embrace, and the first to hold my hand to take my first steps in this life.

Beautiful words about mother touching 2021 phrases and words about Mother’s Day

Short phrases about mother

Despite all the concerns in this life, our hearts cannot be distracted from the love of the mother and the appreciation of all that she has done for us throughout these years. Therefore, we single out the dear mother with the most beautiful short, poignant and ready-to-use phrases that you can find here:

  • No matter how old we grow, mother, you will remain the impregnable fortress and the safe haven in which we protect from the cruelty and worries of life.
  • How much I need, my mother, to throw myself in your arms, to put my head on your feet, and caress my hair with your hand that overflows with tenderness and love.
  • Mother is all life, she is the river of unlimited giving that quenches our souls with love and tenderness and makes us feel comfortable and safe.
  • When you lose your mother, be sure that you lost the whole life, she is the one who makes the days meaning and her presence is what fills your life with happiness and blessings.

Thoughts about the mother

A person has many thoughts that circulate in his chest about the dear mother who deserves above love and above appreciation a greater appreciation for all that she has done throughout her life for us.

First thought

What a great word, my mother, a word of three letters, but it carries with it a history of sacrifices and years of fatigue, and a long life of work and vigil, for our sake and in order to make us a wonderful and prosperous future.

second thought

Greetings of love and reverence to all mothers, for the love, tenderness and tenderness that we have provided for many years without tirelessness or boredom. You are the light that illuminates our days, and you are the beautiful elixir of happiness that makes our lives meaning.

The third thought

With all love and respect, I bow to kiss the hand of that great woman, my dear mother, for her dedication to my upbringing.

Fourth thought

O most kindest and greatest human being in this existence, who is my victim and still overwhelmed me with your sacrifices and unlimited giving, I ask God to keep you for me, my beloved mother, and to bless you with eternal health and wellness.

Short beautiful phrases about mother

touching messages for mom

For everyone who is looking for the most beautiful messages that can be sent to the mother on various occasions as an expression of our love for her, our respect and appreciation for her continuous fatigue for us and her preoccupation with us, we offer you a set of the most wonderful messages as follows:

  • No matter how much people love you, even those closest to you, their love is an integral part of your mother’s love, for she is the one who loves you without purpose or interest that she seeks from you and without any return.
  • If I could, my mother, I could put you in my heart and close it, so that you would not be disturbed by a breath of air, and the fatigue of the world would not cause you, and its sadness would not make you cry.
  • The mother is the maker of generations and the educator of the young, to whom we bow in respect and appreciation for the greatness of what she has done.
  • Phrases betray me, thoughts slip from me, and the tongue is unable to describe you, my mother, my queen.

Poetry about mother touching

Words may betray us sometimes, and words may not be able to describe our true feelings and our great and unlimited love for the mother, so we replace them with poetic verses that are able to depict these feelings with sweet and distinctive words as if they were stars in the sky. These are the most wonderful poems about the mother as follows:

first poem

Who looks like you I think you look like

Purification and the feeling of the cream, its duration

Yes, I don’t know what to say in two words

Bring your feet, my father, the satisfaction of God and his paradise

The second poem

I yearn for you when night falls

Share with me a beautiful morning

I miss you morning and evening

And at all times, I tend to you

Be patient, I enjoy my end

The look on your face is longer

I look forward to meeting you all the time

And whatever I say about you is a little

Short beautiful phrases about mother

Wallpapers about mother touching

A group of distinctive and appropriate images and backgrounds to share through various social media, which bear the sweetest words about the mother, to gift her to her, and we urge everyone to pray for her to remain above the head, one of the gates of heaven, which is as follows:

Short phrases about mother touching 2021 beautiful words about mother’s day

Sayings about a beautiful mother

There is nothing more beautiful than sayings that talk about the mother, her greatness, and her place in the heart.

  • When we talk about endless love, sacrifice and giving, we are talking about my mother, the woman who gives and gives so much without expecting anything in return.
  • No matter how many blessings we have in our lives, the presence of a mother remains the greatest and most wonderful of blessings.
  • My mother, a poem of poetry composed by the greatest poets, a love story woven by the imagination of a creative writer, my mother, oh, everything is beautiful in this world, because you are life and you are life.
  • They say heaven is under the feet of mothers, and you, my mother, are my heaven that God has blessed me with in his land, and which I pray to him to make my righteousness in you a path to gardens immortalized on the Day of Resurrection.

Posts about the mother for Facebook

For all fans and users of the Facebook site and application, we offer you a collection of the most beautiful posts and publications that can be shared now with the most dear people to your hearts about the dear, beloved mother, who has all the appreciation and love, and these are the most beautiful posts next:

  • My mother, O spring of tenderness, O symbol of safety, O most beautiful and purest creation of the Creator in this universe, O blessing, I ask God every day not to deprive me of it.
  • How beautiful are your prayers, mother, with which you shower me every morning, so that I feel unparalleled psychological comfort and happiness, give me strength and hope to complete the rest of my day with optimism and activity.
  • If I gather the stars in the sky, and all the roses of the gardens and orchards, to present them to you, my mother, it will not repay you for your right, O you who endured, stayed awake and toiled for me throughout the years of my life.
  • Every morning I thank God a thousand times when I wake up to my mother’s voice, I have no life without you, spring of tenderness, may God bless you for me and I do not see anything in you.

The most beautiful words about the mother

We need the most beautiful words about the mother to share with the most precious people in our hearts, the dear mother, and express to her our love and appreciation for her pursuit of our comfort and watch over our health throughout these years, so we list words that are the most expressive of this love as follows:

  • The most luxurious pillow in the world, even if it is made of ostrich feathers, it will not be that soft and comfortable that you feel in your mother’s lap.
  • Just being near you, Mom, is a feeling that sweeps me away from the whole world and pushes me to continue my life with all my energy to achieve everything I dream of.
  • One moment near you, my mother, makes me understand that everything in this universe is nothing but an illusion and a falsehood, and it is not worth to grieve for, because what you have in you summarizes everything.
  • Nothing is more valuable than an invitation from you, my mother, which increases my confidence that God loves me, as he gave me a mother like you with a heart the size of the universe

Pictures about mother 2021

Phrases about mother 2021

Mother’s love does not end or present, but is renewed and renewed and grows and becomes more massive as time passes. So we offer you the most beautiful and influential phrases about the mother and the new for the year 2021, which you can gift to your mothers as an expression of great love for them, and they are as follows:

  • All the words I can say, Mother, are not enough to describe my half of my love for you, for you are too much for words to describe.
  • My mother, dearest to my heart, I swear that I never sleep without thinking of you, and only wake up from my great longing for you.
  • I dedicate you, dear mother, to words of love and sincere affection that teach you that I love you and will always love you and you will always be a crown on my head.
  • How can I not adore you, my mother, and you are the one who stayed up for my comfort and tired to be the best of people, so I thank you from the heart that loves you.

Words about the mother in Al-Fusha

Standard Arabic contains a variety of vocabulary and a large stock of words that are able to express our love for mother more and better. Therefore, we collect for you the most beautiful words in Standard Arabic that are able to convey all these feelings to the beloved mother. You can find them here:

  • They appear from your perfect qualities, my mother, and make you that tender heart in which we all live and sleep, filling our eyelids, reassuring ourselves.
  • Mother, you are a medium that brings all the members of this family together, with you we are united and your love is the greatest thing we share.
  • One invitation from you, my mother, can change my life and increase my hope and confidence that God Almighty loves me by making you my mother.
  • It is not just these words that I say in love with you, my mother, for you are for me like the soul to the body, which does not rise and does not move except with it.

beautiful mother pictures

We always single out the dear mother with the most beautiful words and the most wonderful pictures that confirm the extent of our love and affection for the soil that she walks on, as she is the most precious human being to our hearts.

Beautiful phrases about mother

Here, we have come to the conclusion of an influential article about the mother, where we have mentioned many distinctive phrases and beautiful words about the dear mother, and wonderful pictures and poetic verses about the mother.

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